Unleash the Power Within

Unleash the Power Within

I have just got back from a 50-hour seminar in 3.5 days called Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins.

We literally walked on fire on the first day – coals that were up to 2000 degrees, it was incredible! That particular exercise was to prove to ourselves just how powerful our minds (and we) are – so if you can walk on fire and not get hurt then you can achieve anything!

And by the way I didn’t feel a thing! It was awesome 🙂

So I wanted to just take a moment and get a few things across to you that I learnt/reinforced to myself this weekend while at Unleash the Power Within.

As someone who as been listening to Tony Robbins for over 20 years, I knew a lot of what he was talking about already, recently I completed Personal Power II which I had started numerous times since my teens and only finally actually completed within this last month.

But repetition is power, as well as having 5’000 people around you all chanting “Yes Yes Yes” at the same time, this really helps you believe that you can achieve all that your heart desires.

So a few things I wanted to share with you today are:

  • Clarity is Power – I talk about this on my Money Mindset for Woman course, you have to know your outcome, you have to clearly define what you want otherwise you will just float through life not achieving your goals because you don’t know what your goals are. You can’t get from A to B if you don’t know what B is.
  • Beliefs – I also talk about this on my Money Mindset for Woman course but we all have beliefs that are stopping us from achieving everything we can be (even if we don’t know it).    Your beliefs are in your subconscious, so you might not even know they exist, you probably picked them up as a child when you are at your most vulnerable, perhaps over hearing your parents arguing about money “There’s not enough money in the world to go around, we can’t afford it, Money doesn’t grow on trees” because you are too young to know any different you might have picked this up and believed it so it becomes one of your beliefs, also things with enough emotion behind them get picked up easier so if you parents were arguing at the time and raising their voices this would have been anchored into your subconscious even easier.      You may even know intellectually that this isn’t true, but emotionally you may still believe it.Is it a helpful belief? No – can you do something about it -Yes!
  • Stories – We all have that story we tell ourselves as to why we can’t achieve anything, because I’m too young, because I’m too old, because I never went to university, because I’m not good enough. What stories are you telling yourself?     Are these true? No – can you do something about them -Yes!
  • Full Immersion – Live, dream and breathe your goals, think of nothing else, do everything you can, every day to succeed, make it a MUST not a should.
  • Coach – Get a coach; take courses, up skill yourself, find someone who can help you in your journey to success, find someone who is already achieving what you want to achieve and model them, never stop learning, keep growing! If you need help with your Money Mindset consider my Money Mindset for Woman (and Men) course.

Because this Unleash the Power Within blog post is getting a bit out of hand I will do a part 2 in a couple of days but for now:

Don’t be great be OUTSTANDING!

unleash the power within

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