New Year Happiness Jar

Lets make 2016 AWESOME with this New Year Happiness Jar idea

New Year Happiness Jar isn’t just for the 1st of January, you can start this any day or back date it since we are only a few (ok maybe 14) days into 2016!

What is a New Year Happiness Jar?

A New Year Happiness Jar is a jar/box/bowl etc where each day of the year! you will write one thing that made you happy that day, or made you smile, it can be small, it can be big, it can matter to only you or to the rest of the world.

It can be anything from enjoying a sleep in in the morning, to crawling into bed at night for a much needed sleep and everything in between.

Why make a New Year Happiness Jar?

Well check out the video for my frozen chat in front of the London eye.

Benefits that I didn’t say in the video (I think the cold froze my brain!)

  • It’s a form of being grateful each day and gratitude is extremely powerful in making our life’s awesome
  • You are acknowledging the good in your life and not the bad, by focusing on what is good in your life you will attract more things that are good into your life
  • You are making a conscious effort to be happy every day
  • At the end of the year you can go through all your happy memories as a end of year ritual and start the new year in a positive state

Then what I did say

  • On days when you feel down or in a funk, you can pull some out and smile at the memories of what has made you happy this year

Let me know in the comments below how you get on and even better post a photo of you with your New Year Happiness Jar!

It’s not to late to start, watch the video and then start your own New Year Happiness Jar to make 2016 your happy year!

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