An easy way to save money this year!

An easy way to save money this year

Would you like an easy way to save money this year?  simply put away the amount of money that corresponds to the week of the year you are currently in.

So for week 1 put away £1 or $1 (because I am in London for the shooting of this video I am now going to carry on using pounds but of course if you are somewhere that uses euros or dollars then that is what you will be putting away)

and for week 2 you put away £2 and so on…

By the end of week 52 you will have £1’378

If you feel you will find it hard to save money in December especially because by then you will need to be saving £49, £50, £51 and £52, you could instead do it in reverse so by December you are only saving the £4, £3, £2 and £1

Or something I didn’t mention in the video is writing up 1 to 52 on a piece of paper and cross off each week what ever you can afford, so if one week you are feeling broke, you can put away one of the easier weeks £1, £2 etc, but if you have a bit of extra money the next week then do one of the harder weeks £52 for example, or anywhere in between, it then is all up to you!

The beauty in this saving is it sets a habit for you to regularly save and at the end of it you have £1’378!  This is an easy way to save money this year!

It’s not to late to start!

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