5 Things Happy People Do

5 things happy people do each morning to have an awesome day!

They express gratitude

Out loud so the universe can hear them.

“Thank you for me being alive and for the chance of today” (every day above ground is a good day!).

No matter what there is always something to be grateful for, I don’t even have to give you examples because I know you know!

They sent the intention for that day

Do you think happy people get out of bed and say to themselves “today is going to be shitty”? NO! Of course not, our thoughts shape our reality so instead they get out of bed and say, “today is going to be awesome” and then it normally is.

They smile for no reason

Or for a reason, maybe they know today is going to be awesome from above so they smile in anticipation.

Or it could be they know that even if you don’t feel like it and you don’t want to, smiling for no reason makes your brain think you are happy, which then in turn makes you happy… ah nice trick.

They take 5 long slow deep breathes in and out

Breathing huh who would have thought, well it does keep you alive and all, only kidding, 5 long slow deep breathes.

Breathe in love, success and calmness.

Breathe out stress, hatred and failure.

They forgive themselves for yesterdays mistakes

It’s a new day after all, I’m sure you don’t want yesterdays problems, regrets and mistakes taking up to much of today, why not just let it all go instead and start today a fresh, like the brand new day it is.

Where anything and everything is possible.


As you can see from above being happy really isn’t rocket science, it will only take a minute to implement these simple yet oh so effective strategies into your life, and yet the different will be priceless.

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5 things happy people do

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